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      Customized On-Site Training Classes for Business, Government, and Non-Profit Organizations

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  Critical & Creative Thinking
  Goal-Oriented Reading
  Memory Improvement
  Business Grammar
  Business Writing
 Train the Trainer
 Listening Skills

"I enjoyed it & learned a lot.  Very excellent class.  Highly recommend to all employees."

"Very informative and innovative."

"I liked everything about this class.  It was eye opening on our thinking process - what works and what will not."


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Professional Development & Personal Enrichment Classes Available to the Public (see Locations)


  Creative Thinking
  Speed Reading
  Listening Skills
  Memory Skills
  Writing Skills

"The instructor was very good at gearing the course to the expressed needs of the students."

"This class was fantastic.  The instructor made it fun & interesting so you wouldn't go to sleep."


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   Self-paced programs available securely through any web connection
   Unlimited online access to a Target Learning instructor for 3 months
   Interactive slides with accompanying narrative by your instructor
   The same workbook & worksheets used for our on-site programs
   Templates to implement the strategies based on your thinking style



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Business Coaching
(Learning & Communication Skills)
Academic Coaching (Reading & Study Skills)

   Six hours of 1-on-1 instruction at a location of your choosing
   A customized plan based on your personal learning objectives
   A workbook containing all the strategies & implementation steps
   Six months of unlimited (e-mail & phone) access to your instructor


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Seminars to improve your reading, writing, thinking, memory, listening, and study skills.

Seminars to improve your learning and communication skills.