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       Customized On-Site Training Classes for Business, Government, and Non-Profits



       Professional Development & Personal Enrichment Classes Available to the Public
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       Self-Paced, Interactive Programs Available Securely Through Any Web Connection

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    ●   On-Demand Scheduling (you start when you want)
    ●   Unlimited e-mail access to your own instructor for three months
    ●   Interactive slides with a voice and text narrative by your instructor
    ●   A workbook containing the strategies and implementation steps
    ●   Templates to apply the strategies using your personal thinking style



       Customized On-Site Instruction for Individuals and Small Groups

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  Business Coaching (Learning & Communication Skills)
  Academic Coaching (College Reading & Study Skills)

     Six hours of instruction at a location of your choosing
     A customized plan based on your personal learning objectives
     A workbook containing all the strategies & implementation steps
     Six months of unlimited (e-mail & phone) access to your instructor




Target Learning has offered online and on-site seminars and business coaching throughout the United States since 1998.  Using current research findings from educators and neuroscientists we show adults how to learn new information more efficiently and effectively at work, school, and home.  Specifically, we show them how to use their personal learning and thinking style to help them comprehend, retain, and recall new information from any source.  But learning new information is only part of the equation, we also show adults how to communicate effectively with colleagues, team members, supervisors, clients, and vendors to ensure their message is understood and acted on in a timely manner.


When adults take a course to acquire new skills, or improve their existing skills, they can feel extraordinary pressure during a one-day seminar to  learn and retain all the information they need.  If the seminar last several days, they will have more time to practice their new skills but applying new skills in a classroom is quite different than applying them in a busy work environment.  And if adults face several project deadlines while they are sitting in a classroom, their attention will be divided between the seminar content and those deadlines.

At Target Learning, our on-site seminars provide each participant six months of unlimited follow-up with their instructor.  As a result, participants who need additional help after the seminar can contact their instructor to receive customized advice based on their personal learning style and their specific work situation.  Our Extended Instruction Program also reduces the stress of the participants since they won't feel the pressure to learn and retain everything during the on-site portion of the training. 

And to ensure each participant receives the tools necessary to succeed, we always provide a comprehensive workbook containing the seminar strategies and implementation steps. We do all of this because we know that adults learn better when they have some control over the learning process, and are given the opportunity to immediately apply their new skills in the workplace.

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