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What is Your Learning & Thinking Style?


    PARTICIPANT COMMENTS (from our Target Listening Seminars)
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Evaluation Questions

Responses From All Participants

  1. Did this seminar satisfy your learning objectives?  
                      Yes:  100%
:     0%
                        No:     0%
  2. Do you feel the future application of these listening
      strategies will help you in the future?
                       Yes:  100%
:     0%
                         No:     0%

"I liked the method and style of the presentation and the interest the speaker had in the content of his presentation."


"The concepts were easy to understand and can be incorporated into my routine fairly seamlessly."

"I liked that I can incorporate these techniques into my communications with people."

  "Brisk and informative."

"The exercises were helpful and I liked the interaction between participants and the instructor."

  "The substance was great."

"I liked learning about the knowledge to become more aware of speaker styles and how to communicate better with the different styles."

  "Very informative and innovative."

"I was made aware of individuals thinking process and different types of people which will help me in the future."

  "The seminar was very well planned and thorough."

"I liked learning about the different styles of keeping one's attention and achieving one's presentation objectives."


"I liked the ways of determining other people's thinking processes to enhance communication."

"It helped me create a more structured thinking process towards my day's objectives."


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