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What is Your Learning & Thinking Style?


   PARTICIPANT COMMENTS (from our Target Memory Seminars)
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Evaluation Questions

Responses From All Participants

  1. Did this seminar satisfy your learning objectives?  
                    Yes:  97%
:   3%
                      No:   0%
  2. Do you feel the future application of these memory
      strategies will help you in the future?
                     Yes:  95%
:   5%
                       No:   0%


"I got a different outlook on an old problem - fresh view."



"Fast moving, interesting."

"I liked the association of what is read and heard and applying it to memory.  Great class!!"



"I appreciated the opportunity to attend the memory seminar.  It was a valuable class."

"I enjoyed the instructor's presentation - found the subject very timely!"



"Excellent tools!  Very interactive and ensured we all learned.  Very professional."

"Good ideas which related very well to my experiences."



"I liked the presentation - enjoyable and productive."

"Good instructor.  Good way of making his point, kept my interest.  There was not anything I disliked about this training."



"Liked the instructor, liked the material that was given to us."

"I liked the awareness of how one's mind works and how we can enhance it to work better."



"I liked receiving the workbook binder with everything that we went over in class - good to refer back to."

"I learned a lot of good tips to improve my memory."  

"I learned new techniques for remembering and being aware of surroundings and circumstances that would help me recall a particularly situation."

"It satisfied my objectives."  

"Talked about how to recognize others' learning styles.  This is great to know when speaking and writing to them."

"I liked the specific knowledge about the different learning and thinking styles, there were extremely helpful."


"It was good information and presented in an easy way to understand."

"Enjoyable; enthusiastic instructor; brisk pace."  

"The instructor had good visual aids, good knowledge of the subject."

"I liked the ways to transition memories to long-term and the physiological mechanisms of memory recall and establishment."


"The seminar provided a host of great tools for memory."

"I liked the strategies that can be used to improve your short-term memory."


"I liked learning about the brain and keys to helping remember."

"I liked the workbook that was provided, it will help me in the future."



"It gave me something to look for when I'm engaged in conversations with people."

"Lots of detail, lots of usable information, pleasant, humorous presenter."


"I liked the tools to communicate to others and tools for memory recall."

"It taught me how to identify the barriers with others and how to educate them and myself based on personality type."


"I liked the entertaining speaker, interaction, questions answered, and lively instruction."

"Stephen is an engaging speaker.  He kept my attention on sometimes abstract ideas.  Good examples.  Interesting information on the topic."

  "I liked the ideas for extracting written information."

"I liked the discussions about learning styles and how it is important to know how you learn in order to improve memory."


"I liked the presentation, the workbook, the materials, and the exercises."

"I liked the wealth of techniques to attain a better memory."

  "I liked the active participation with the class."

"What I like about this workshop is that it gives us a chance to learn more about ourselves and how we perform at work and in business meetings."


"I liked remembering long strings of numbers and remembering reading and the information it contains."

"I liked the exposure and explanation of learning and thinking styles."  
  "The material was interesting."

"I liked the various methods for memory improvement, very helpful."

  "Well written information, easy to use."

"I liked understanding global vs. linear and how working with someone that is the opposite can be challenging at times.  Great workshop!"


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