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    PARTICIPANT COMMENTS (from our Target Reading Seminars)
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Evaluation Questions

Responses from All Participants

  1. Did this seminar satisfy your learning objectives?  
                    Yes:  96%
:   4%
                      No:   0%
  2. Do you feel the future application of these reading
      strategies will help you in the future?
                     Yes:  95%
:   5%
                       No:   0%


"Overall, I was really impressed.  I was skeptical in the beginning. I am now very pleased to say it really honestly works.


"Excellent teacher, very positive and inspiring, This is an excellent class.

"I thought this class was great.  I learned very much even though I was only here half the time.  I will remember the things I learned forever."


"The instructor was very good at gearing the course to the expressed needs of the students."

"I increased my reading speed and was still able to comprehend what I read."


"I think this class will definitely help me read more efficiently."

"I definitely think these reading strategies will help me personally."

  "Great class." (combined reading/writing seminar)

"I liked being able to focus on techniques that I can use to read faster and comprehend."


"I liked the small scale class and the hands-on instructor was very knowledgeable and entertaining."

"I liked that it taught me ways to increase my reading speed and comprehension."


"This has really helped me to learn how to read faster.  Great methods for note-taking and having better comprehension."

"I received practical tools for better reading and communication."


"This was very inspirational and great for reading comprehension."

"I feel this class helped me.  I've learned a lot from this course."


"The instructor teaches well and uses the time efficiently.  He's organized and well prepared."

"This class was fantastic. The instructor made it fun and interesting so you wouldn't go to sleep."


"Lots of detail, lots of useful information, pleasant, humorous presenter."

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