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What is Your Learning & Thinking Style?


    PARTICIPANT COMMENTS (from our Target Thinking Seminars)
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Evaluation Questions

Responses From All Participants

  1. Did this seminar satisfy your learning objectives?  
                    Yes:  91%
:   9%
                      No:   0%
  2. Do you feel the future application of these thinking
      strategies will help you in the future?
                     Yes:  99%
:   1%
                       No:   0%


"Well structured and quick paced.  The examples related to real life scenarios."


"I liked the worksheets!  I liked learning about the different ways we think.  This will definitely help in the future with my communications."

"I liked the structured approach to tasks and thinking about problems."


"I appreciated the instructor's grasp of the subject and practical application made clear."

"I enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot.  Very excellent class.  Highly recommend to all employees."


"I liked everything about this class.  It was eye opening on our thinking process - what works and what will not."

"I was pleased to learn how different people perceive information and how to communicate better to those folks."


"It gave me a new perspective on workplace interactions."

"This seminar covered strategies for both presenting and receiving information.  The examples provided were good for immediate use."


"The instructor was clear, precise, and gave examples and illustrations."

"I enjoyed the whole communication aspect.  I also liked the identification of the different ways to approach critical thinking."


"Lots of good material.  Overall, interesting approach by looking at creativity in terms of total client relationship instead of just brainstorming.  Not what I expected, but I found it worthwhile."

"I liked the discussion about cross-training and the traits of linear and global thinkers to get perspective."


"What I liked most about this seminar was how the different components of the critical thinking was explained and how and when they can be applied."

"The seminar kept moving and was informative."  

"I enjoyed learning about the different thinking and management styles."

"Everything taught was very beneficial to me.  I truly enjoyed the class."


"I liked the linkage between the worksheets with the accompanying 'story' pages."

"I liked learning about the perspectives on learning and thinking styles and methods to improve written communication."


"I learned about the different managerial styles and how work more efficiently with them."

"Very informative - it showed different ways to approach different communication styles to all people."


"Very well given workshop with many creative thinking tools to apply to the workplace."

"This seminar offered several different approaches to thinking and problem solving to apply toward my job position."


"There was a good balance between lecture and hands-on activities."

"The interactive worksheets were helpful."  

"I liked the multiple worksheets/templates - adds flexibility to custom fit to an application."

"I liked the material on recognizing one's own personal thinking style and how to adapt to other's style for the most successful outcome."

  "Great tactics to help foster out of the box thinking."

"Gave great new methods to stimulate ideas and think about a project or problem."


"Thanks for the helpful techniques and all the information.  Overall, I learned quite a bit."

"It helped me understand that critical thinking is not a bad thing."


"Good session.  I liked finding out how I learn and think best."

"The materials and booklets were well organized, presented, and useful."


"The class was very informative and well structured and delivered."

"It showed me how to deal with problem co-workers."  

"I liked (that the instructor) used his own personal business examples for the activities."

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