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What is Your Learning & Thinking Style?


    PARTICIPANT COMMENTS (from our Target Writing Seminars)
    The source for each comment can be provided upon request

"I learned things I didn't realize I didn't know."  
  "I enjoyed and appreciated the way in which 'leadership styles' and the means by which one is to use them in communication was great.  I've been to multiple seminars that focused on how to identify the main styles and how to use these styles with folks who fit into these categories, but never have I learned 'why' these leadership/personal styles occur, or how to more effectively construct a customized approach to each (or a mixture of several).  Very holistic approach for this class - lived up to the advertisement."
"I particularly liked the format and presentation of the class materials."  
  "I enjoyed the practice sheets and the new way of proofreading and editing my work."
"Very well presented and some unique ideas that I hadn't heard before."  
  "I liked everything.  All the material was easy to understand and will be useful for my future use."
"I enjoyed everything we learned in this writing course."  
  "There was nothing I disliked about this class, it was very good."
"The interactive training exercises helped explain the techniques - very applicable information for the business world."  
  "This class was very helpful in learning how to write to the wide range of co-workers and personality types."
"Best class this week!" (during an educational conference)."  
  "I liked the entire course." 
"Good style of teaching."  
  "I liked the examples of written documents - good vs. bad."
"I liked the detailed and easy to follow workbook."  
  "Great teaching style, easy to follow along." 
"I liked all the information."  
  "Great class." (Combined reading & writing)
"I really enjoyed this Business Grammar class."   
  "Very easy to learn the way the instructor presented the information."
"The class pace and level were excellent, concrete examples and successions, I liked it."  
   "Great comments about e-mail use."
"Good instructor and material."  
  "The workbook is nicely designed."
"Good ideas and strategies."  
  "It answered my questions and I enjoyed it very much."
"I liked the interaction and the interesting way the course was presented."  
  "I liked the workbook binder to help me refer to it later.  I also like that we are able to contact the instructor by e-mail later."
"I liked the communication between the instructor and students."  
  "I liked the workbook - I can keep it as a reference guide during my writing at work and at home."
"I liked the hands-on and group activities - very helpful.  I look forward to using your material."  
  "I enjoyed learning how to relate to different thinking and personality styles, memory and listening styles.  I can certainly use many of the techniques presented."
"I liked the real-world applications (scenarios, events) and the instructor's analysis with recommendations on how positive outcomes are achieved."  
  "I enjoyed the seminar, extremely informative."
"Good information and good speaker."  

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