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TARGET MEMORY: Retain & Recall
      A Memory Improvement Program


Do you have employees that...

Forget important deadlines?
Forget to bring relevant items to meetings and discussions?
... Have difficulty remembering important information about clients
Unintentionally leave items in areas not designated for those items?
Have trouble retaining information from readings, meetings, classes, or discussions?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, those employees need structure, but structure is defined differently for each person. 

It is important for employees to use their own personal thinking style to create structures that make sense to them.  This approach will allow each employee to utilize his or her own cognitive strengths to retain and recall new information - even when under pressure.




■  Who should attend?
■  What will our employees learn?
■  What makes Target Memory different?
■  Can this training program be customized?
■  What is the cost?
■  How can Target Memory be delivered to our employees?


Who should attend?

who would like to remember more of everything they read, hear, and see in the workplace.


What will our employees learn?  (See Sample Outline)

hey will learn how to:

■  Retain, recall, and apply information from readings, training sessions, meetings & discussions
■  Communicate their own message in a way to ensure it is received and remembered by others
■  Apply personal memory strategies to improve their overall job efficiency
■  Quickly move new information from short-term to long-term memory
■  Improve their overall concentration and observation skills
■  Recall "lost" memories


What makes Target Memory different?  

Most memory improvement classes recommend a variety of rigid techniques and exercises that can appear effective in a controlled and safe learning environment such as a classroom.  However, since these rigid techniques and exercises often require a great deal of effort and time, employees often don't use them once the training ends - particularly in a chaotic work environment where employees need to act decisively.

Our training program does not focus on complex mental exercises. Instead, we will show your employees how to use their natural thinking skills and
preferred learning style to retain and recall information. This is not a gimmick; it is a practical, proven method to improve their memory skills based on the latest brain research.

In addition to improving your employees' own memory skills, we will show them how to communicate in a way that will help their readers and listeners retain and recall information more easily.

In this program, each employee will receive a comprehensive workbook containing all the memory strategies with worksheets to help them efficiently apply the strategies in their job. In addition, they will have unlimited online access to their instructor for six months following the class to receive help with any of the memory strategies.

For detailed information on how our programs differ from other training providers, go to Different.


Can this training program be customized?

, Target Memory can be taught "as is" or you can have us modify the content and length to satisfy your organization's specific training objectives.  We can also provide day, evening and weekends classes.   

There is not an extra cost for customization and off-hours scheduling.


What is the cost?

Group Rate: $2,500  (up to 30 participants)
Per Person Rate: $195  (minimum 5 participants)

These rates are all-inclusive - see Training Rates


How can Target Memory be delivered to our employees?

There are three different ways to receive the benefits of our Target Memory program.



This program includes a 1-day training class delivered when and where you choose, and 6 months of online follow-up for each training participant. 

For more information, see
Training Request - or Contact Us.



This is a business coaching session for an individual that includes up to 7 hours of on-site instruction followed by 6 months of online and telephone follow-up.

For more information, see Business Coaching.



This is a 1-day class offered nationwide and available to the general public.

For more information, see Public Seminar Schedule - Memory


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