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"Stephen was a great trainer - very upbeat.  He was great at making you feel comfortable.  He is very knowledgeable in his field."

Brittany Ward, Supervisor (1st Electronic Bank)


"Stephen was an awesome speaker.  He held our attention and interest, used great examples, humor, and was very professional.  Stephen also was very interesting and helpful."

Joanne Cameron, Parks & Rec. Super. (Roseville)

"The instructor has a great understanding of the subject and was able to use personal and student examples to reinforce course material."

Carolyn Chezik (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)


"I was happy I didn’t get what I expected.  Usually trainers go through the workbook sentence by sentence.  I really enjoyed Stephen’s training style."

Amy Childers, Financial Services Analyst

"The trainer was professional, funny & motivating."

Claudia Luthiger, Administrative Staff (NSTEC)


"The trainer is awesome. I train new employees in my department and I was able to get some good tips from his training."

Karine Rubi, DA Family Support Specialist (DAFS)

“The speaker had my individual attention.  I have a very short attention span and he was really good at keeping me interested in what he had to say.”

Mary Cole, Staff Secretary (Neighborhood Office)


“The speaker did an excellent job at holding my attention and is very knowledgeable.”

Eileen Kelly (Donahue Schriber, Inc.)

"Stephen is an engaging speaker.  He kept my attention on sometimes abstract ideas.  Good examples.  Interesting information on the topic."

Nancy Blank, Administration V.P. (GMAC)


"The instructor was very informative - he kept the attention of the audience.  I liked his crowd interaction - that was fun!"

Francine Maxwell, Treasurer (Jicarella Apache Nation)

“Very well presented, the trainer kept the group’s attention at all times and interacted with each person in the group.”

John Donmi, Corporate QA Manager


“The trainer was very humorous and kept a good pace for covering key points.”

Sylvia Castro (Capital Group, Inc.)

"Stephen was fun, energetic, thought-provoking and informative. I learned a lot."

Cyndy Platt, Public Relations Dir. (Geary Hospital)


“The presenter made what could have been a dry, dull subject into an enjoyable, informative day.”

Margaret Graham, Deputy Director (MCVS)

"Truly outstanding, all points covered clearly. The instructor is a true professional."

Alphonse Domingo, Maint. Mech. Supervisor (DPW)


“Stephen was great!  He was funny, kept my attention and taught valuable information.”

Debi Aden, RN (Ergen Refinancing, Inc.)

"The trainer was not boring.  He had a sense of humor and kept us focused on the training and key points."

Stan Salangdom, Maint. Mech. Supervisor (DPW)




“The trainer was great, very animated and brought enjoyment to the class."

Nancy Gordon (Money Mailer)

"I really appreciated the instructor's method of addressing every attendee's motivations, needs and concerns."

Rene Cornair, Analyst III (Freedom Communications)




“The instructor made the class fun and informative with many examples.”

Jill Lalabrese, Marketing Coord. (Duke Realty Corp.)

"Stephen is a great teacher."

Beverly Cates, Property Manager (The Ribeiro Co.)


"Stephen was great! He had a great grasp of the content and he made the class enjoyable and fun.  He is very helpful in relaying the information and doing it in a fun atmosphere."

Monique Garcia (ICM, Inc.)

"Very enjoyable.  Steve provided a creative and fun learning environment.  I will be leaving with many useful tools and ideas to implement and share with co-workers."

Carmela Schaefer, HR Administrator (SHOFU Dental)


"Refreshing. The instructor was knowledgeable and entertaining and organized."

Deborah Evains, Management Analyst (FAA)

"The trainer was clear and had a considerable amount of energy.  He also was very open to questions and comments from the participants."

Kimberly Allen, HR Coord. (Motion Picture & TV Fund)


"The trainer is extremely knowledgeable - he has a great sense of humor and obviously enjoys teaching, and cares about the class participants."

Elizabeth MacPhail, Customer Service Coord. (AHA)

"Stephen was awesome - lots of interaction with the group.  He was professional, clear, concise, and knowledgeable."

Travece LeTourreaux, C&G Analyst (UC - Davis)


"Stephen is very interesting.  He makes everyone feel comfortable and allows for interaction."

Yvonne Wilson, Assoc. Govt. Program Analyst

"He opened my eyes to things I was never taught in all my 56 years - great instructor."

Name not provided on evaluation form



  "Good style of teaching."

Mark Mattingly (Syngenta Seeds, Inc.)

"The instructor was clear, precise, and gave examples and illustrations."

Veronica Speight, Procurement Technician


"Excellent teacher, very positive and inspiring."

Phyllis Yates (Public Seminar)


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