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"Stephen was a great trainer - very upbeat.  He was great at making you feel comfortable.  He is very knowledgeable in his field."  
  "I was happy I didn�t get what I expected.  Usually trainers go through the workbook sentence by sentence.  I really enjoyed Stephen�s training style."
"The trainer was professional, funny & motivating."  
  "The trainer is awesome. I train new employees in my department and I was able to get some good tips from his training."
"The instructor kept the class fun, informative and comfortable.�  
  "This class was fantastic. He made it fun and interesting so you wouldn't go to sleep."
"He teaches well and uses the time efficiently.  He's organized and well prepared."  
  �Stephen is an excellent trainer and very knowledgeable about the material.�
�The instructor was very engaging and had good knowledge of the subject.  I would love to attend any future classes this instructor will conduct.�   
  "The teacher is very interesting and knowledgeable.  He is very personable and easy to listen to!"
"The instructor was very responsive and friendly; he seemed to make everyone comfortable and open to participate."  
  "Stephen is an engaging speaker.   He kept my attention on sometimes abstract ideas.  Good examples, interesting information on the topic (of memory)."
"The instructor was very nice and really knows his stuff... he is a very good teacher."  
  �The speaker had my individual attention.  I have a very short attention span and he was really good at keeping me interested in what he had to say.�
"The instructor encouraged questions and participation."  
  "The instructor was very informative - he kept the attention of the audience.  I liked his crowd interaction - that was fun!"
"He (the instructor) knew his stuff backwards and forwards."  
  �Very well presented, the trainer kept the group�s attention at all times and interacted with each person in the group.�
"Stephen was fun, energetic, thought-provoking and informative. I learned a lot."  
  "Good instructor, good way of making his point, he kept my interest."
"I congratulate the instructor on his ability to keep the attention of over-stressed students. I couldn't have done it myself."  
  "He was a great instructor - I felt he was open to all questions and responsive to the participants."
�The trainer was very humorous and kept a good pace for covering key points.�  
  �The presenter made what could have been a dry, dull subject into an enjoyable, informative day.�
"The instructor was excellent, funny, interesting and knowledgeable."  
  �The speaker did an excellent job at holding my attention and is very knowledgeable.�
"Truly outstanding, all points covered clearly. The instructor is a true professional."  
  �Stephen was great!  He was funny, kept my attention and taught valuable information.�
�The instructor is very knowledgeable and keeps the attention of everyone.�  
  "The trainer was not boring.  He had a sense of humor and kept us focused on the training and key points."
�The trainer was great, very animated and brought enjoyment to the class.�  
  "Very well presented and some unique ideas that I hadn't heard before."
"I really appreciated the instructor's method of addressing every attendee's motivations, needs and concerns."  
  �The instructor made the class fun and informative with many examples.�
"Stephen is very helpful in relaying the information and doing it in a fun atmosphere."  
  "Stephen was great! He had a great grasp of the content and he made the class enjoyable and fun."
"Very enjoyable.  Steve provided a creative and fun learning environment.  I will be leaving with many useful tools and ideas to implement and share with co-workers."  
  "Refreshing. The instructor was knowledgeable and entertaining and organized."
"The trainer was clear and had a considerable amount of energy.  He also was very open to questions and comments from the participants."  
  "The trainer is extremely knowledgeable - he has a great sense of humor and obviously enjoys teaching, and cares about the class participants."
�Excellent teacher, very positive and inspiring.�  
  "The instructor spoke very clear and to the point and explained situations when needed."
"He opened my eyes to things I was never taught in all my 56 years - great instructor."  
  "The instructor kept my attention and really seemed like a people person, and provided great examples of business writing."
"The instructor was willing to answer all questions."  
  "Very good at explaining & knowledgeable."
"Very helpful and friendly."  
  "Very good presenter, kept me interested in the material and wasn't hard to understand."
"Very professional instructor. 10 out of 10!"  

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