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By submitting this form, you are only letting us know which webinar topics you might be interested in taking once they are developed.  Although we anticipate creating an online version for all of our topics, if we receive several requests for certain topics we will make certain those topics are completed first.

Once we have completed the development of your preferred webinar, we will contact you.  At that time, you can decide if you want to register and pay for that webinar.

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All of our webinars are self-paced and include:

  On-Demand Scheduling (you start when you want)
  Three months of unlimited online access using any Internet-capable device
  Three months of unlimited online access to your own Target Learning instructor
  Interactive slide presentation with a voice and text narrative by your instructor
  A workbook containing all the topic strategies with implementation steps
  Worksheets to help you apply the strategies using your personal thinking style

Please feel to provide any suggestions on what you would like to see included in our webinars.



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