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(Self-Paced Professional Development Webinars)

Target Listening Webinar   
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       All of our webinars are self-paced and include:

  On-Demand Scheduling (you start when you want)
  Three months of unlimited online access to the webinar using any Internet-capable device
  Three months of unlimited online access to your own Target Learning instructor
  An interactive slide presentation with a voice and text narration by your instructor
  A full color workbook containing all the topic strategies with implementation steps
  Worksheets to help you apply the strategies using your own personal thinking style

NOTE: As you may already know, Microsoft's new Edge Browser has had some issues displaying web content - which means our free online tours don't always appear properly when using Edge.  However, the tours work fine on every type of mobile phone and all other browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.). 



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This online program will show you how to listen and learn more efficiently and effectively during any listening event (meetings, classes, and conversations).  Specifically, you will learn how to:

  Listen for key information during listening events
  Take comprehensive (and useful) notes during listening events
  Recognize & adapt to the positive or negative body language displayed by others
  Use your own body language to make others more receptive to your message
  Quickly identify the learning and thinking style of each person you interact with
  Communicate effectively during confrontations with difficult and angry people


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The webinar broke down different aspects of listening that I hadn't thought of.   I feel I have learned more from this webinar than any other I have taken, and I take A LOT of them.

Rose Morrison

"This webinar was very beneficial. I realized how Linear I am in my thinking and how to better my listening and learning with others.  I found the training to be very helpful and appreciated the techniques to use and things to be thinking about while listening and learning." 

Cindy Davis

"It was easy to follow and made me think through how actively I am listening during my meetings (mostly by phone) and when in face-to-face meetings with clients.  I also found it very interesting to go through my learning style and think of the style of others I interact with.  I love having the workbook to refer to during the training and after.  I tend to move pretty quickly at work so a chance for a refresher is helpful.  I didn't dislike anything about this course."  

Tricia Wisner



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This online business writing program will show you how to:

  Write highly readable letters, memos, e-mails, and reports
  Overcome writers block using flexible techniques for different writing projects
  Find key information quickly and accurately when researching
  Create effective writing plans to keep you focused and on schedule
  Write e-mails that immediately get the attention of your readers
  Use the proper writing tone to ensure your readers interpret your message correctly
  Develop correspondence to motivate your readers to act on your message quickly
  Learn the grammar and punctuation rules that are relevant to business
  Use proper punctuation to guide your reader's pace and to emphasize key points
  Recognize and correct grammar errors that can hurt your credibility as a writer

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"This webinar approached the topic of professional writing from many different angles. This allowed me to make connections I had not previously made in my writing and consider new perspectives.  The examples allowed me to better conceptualize the topic at hand.  I thought this webinar was great.  No negative feedback."

Miriam Recmucal - RN, Clinical Practice Advisor

I really enjoyed this webinar. I was able to go in and do this at my own pace and get back in with no issues. I was allowed extra time since I was not able to complete the webinar in a timely matter. This helped me learn more about myself. How I think and write. I definitely can see an improvement in my writing.

Tammy Stanbouough Licensed Insurance Rep



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This online Train the Trainer program will show you how to:

  Increase employee attendance and motivation for each training class
  Properly set up a classroom to create an effective learning environment
  Quickly recognize each employee's preferred learning & thinking style
  Adapt your instruction and content to the audience type (before & during the training)
 Use positive body language to increase employee interaction during the training
 Use PowerPoint to remain focused while encouraging active employee participation
 Communicate effectively with unmotivated and difficult employees in a classroom
 Ensure employees know how to apply their new skills/knowledge in the workplace

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"The bonus section was excellent. The instructor spoke clearly and the perfect pace. He also varied his voice. It also covered many topics I needed assistance with. I am not a new trainer and I still learned quite a lot! Very good program. I will recommend this to others.  Very easy to use and I like that I could take the course at my own time and pace."

 Lisa Hamilton - Senior Environmental Engineer



    Target Memory Webinar
    Target Reading Webinar
    Target Thinking Webinar
    Target Study Skills Webinar

We are in the process of creating online versions for all of our programs.  However, if you have a preference for one of these programs to be converted to an online format please complete our Webinar Request Form.  We will be happy to adjust our development schedule based on the interest level for individual programs.



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