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All of our training programs include:

►  A 1-Day Customized On-Site Training Class
►  Choice of Day, Evening, or Weekend Classes
►  A Strategies Workbook for Each Participant
►  Six Months of Follow-Up for Each Participant
►  All-Inclusive Program Rates

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Note:  Each topic can be customized and/or combined to satisfy your training objectives.


In this facilitation skills program participants will learn how to:

  Increase employee attendance and motivation for each training class
  Properly set up a training room to create an effective learning environment
  Quickly recognize each employee's preferred learning & thinking style
  Adapt their instructional style and content to the audience type (before & during)
 Use positive body language to increase employee participation during the training
 Create an effective (and efficient) mix of lecture, materials, activities, and breaks
 Use PowerPoint to remain focused while still encouraging employee interaction
 Communicate effectively w/ unmotivated/difficult employees in a classroom or meeting
 Ensure employees know how to apply their new skills/knowledge in the workplace

ONLINE: This program is also available online (See Webinars)


Target Listening: Listen & Learn   [show more]

In this communication skills program participants will learn how to:

  Recognize & adapt to the positive and negative body language of others
  Use their own body language to make others more receptive to their message
  Quickly identify the true intentions of the people they communicate with
  Take efficient and effective notes during classes, meetings, and conversations
  Stay alert & focused to actively listen for key information during classes & meetings
  Listen and respond effectively during confrontations with difficult and angry people

ONLINE: This program is also available online (See Webinars)


Target Writing: Getting Results   [show more]

In this business writing program participants will learn how to:

  Write organized and readable memos, letters, e-mails and reports
  Overcome writer�s block using their personal thinking style
  Research key information quickly and accurately
  Create effective writing plans for any type of writing project
  Write e-mails that immediately grab a reader's attention
  Use the proper writing tone to ensure readers view the content with an open mind
  Develop correspondence to motivate readers to act in a timely manner
  Learn the grammar and punctuation rules that are relevant to training
  Use proper punctuation to focus readers on the most important information
 Recognize and correct grammar errors that can hurt their credibility as writers

ONLINE: This program is also available online (See Webinars)

NOTE:  A customized combination of Target Writing & Target Reading is also available.
:  A business writing program focused mostly on business grammar is also available.


Target Reading: A Better Way   [show more]

In this business reading program participants will learn how to:

  Improve their critical reading and thinking skills
  Improve their concentration skills while reading
  Increase their overall reading speed and comprehension
  Improve their retention and recall of everything they read
  Find key information quickly and accurately
  Decipher complex reading material
  Time manage their reading assignments

NOTE:  A customized combination of Target Reading & Target Writing is also available.


Target Memory: Retain & Recall   [show more]

In this memory improvement program participants will learn how to:

  Retain & recall information from readings, training sessions, meetings & discussions
 Communicate their message to ensure it is received and remembered
  Apply personal memory strategies to improve their overall efficiency
 Move information from short-term to long-term memory
  Improve their overall concentration and observation skills
  Recall "lost" memories


Target Thinking: Solving Problems   [show more]

In this critical and creative thinking program participants will learn how to:

  Recognize and overcome the barriers to critical and creative thinking
  Identify and solve problems through inductive and deductive reasoning
  Develop & implement creative (and practical) solutions to complex problems
  Stimulate critical thinking in team members, colleagues, clients, and vendors
  Find & accurately assess key information during meetings, classes & discussions
  Collect, analyze, and process new information using multiple perspectives
  Communicate their new ideas properly to ensure complete "buy-in"

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