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A Communication Skills Program

This program is also available online - see


Do you have employees that...

"Zone out" during meetings or discussions?
- Have difficulty "reading" a person's body language?
- Respond inappropriately during meetings or discussions?
- Have trouble retaining new information when listening?
- Have difficulty taking effective notes during meetings, classes, or discussions?
- Avoid speaking with certain people because of personality conflicts?

If "YES" to any of these questions, those employees are likely "Passive Listeners".

To become "
Active Listeners" employees need to develop listening goals that fit their individual thinking style - and the thinking style of the speaker.  This method will immediately improve their comprehension, retention, and recall of everything they hear during meetings, classes, and conversations.


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■  Who should attend?
■  What will our employees learn?
■  What makes Target Listening different?
■  Can this program be customized?
■  What is the cost?
■  How can Target Listening be delivered to our employees?


Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to improve their listening and communication skills during listening events - which includes meetings, classes, group discussions, and individual conversations.


What will our employees learn? 

This program you will show you how to listen and learn more efficiently and effectively during any listening event (meetings, classes, and conversations).  Specifically, you will learn how to:

■  Listen for key information during listening events
■  Take comprehensive (and useful) notes during listening events
■  Recognize & adapt to the positive or negative body language displayed by others
■  Use your own body language to make others more receptive to your message
■  Quickly identify the learning and thinking style of each person you interact with
■  Communicate effectively during confrontations with difficult and angry people

Sample Outline


What makes Target Listening different? 

Most listening improvement classes focus only on the term "Active Listening" - which, as the term implies, means staying mentally active while listening (i.e. listening for key information, asking questions, etc.).

Target Listening will definitely show your employees how to actively listen during listening events.  But this class will also provide them a variety of mental and physical tools to apply before, during, and after each listening event to help them become highly efficient and effective listeners.

In addition, this class will show your employees how to properly communicate their own message before, during, and after each listening event.  After all, the purpose of listening in a workplace environment is to collect new information and put that information to practical use.

Actually, we go one step further since we also provide a variety of flexible strategies for listening and responding to difficult speakers such as fast talkers, slow talkers, rambling speakers, chronic complainers, negative people, argumentative types, to name just a few.

In this training program, each participant will receive a comprehensive workbook containing all the listening strategies with worksheets to help them efficiently apply the strategies in their job. In addition, they will have unlimited online access to their instructor for six months following the class to receive help with any of the listening strategies.

For detailed information on how our programs are different from other training providers, go to Different.


Can this program be customized?

, Target Listening can be taught "as is" or you can have us modify the content and length to satisfy your organization's specific training objectives.  We can also provide day, evening and weekends sessions.  There is no extra cost for customization or off-hours scheduling.

This program is also available online - see Webinars.


What is the cost?

Group Rate: $2,500  (up to 30 participants)
Per Person Rate: $195  (minimum 6 participants)

These rates are all-inclusive - see Training Rates 

Add 10% to the listed rates when the class takes place within a major city.


How can Target Listening be delivered to our employees?

There are four different ways to receive the benefits of our Target Listening program.


This  program includes a 1-day training class delivered when and where your employer chooses, and 6 months of online follow-up for each training participant. 

For more information, see
Training Request - or Contact Us.



This is a self-paced, interactive online program that includes a Strategies Workbook and online access to your own Target Learning instructor for 3 months.

For more information, see



This seminar is available to the general public and is offered nationwide at public locations (i.e. hotels, event facilities, etc.). 

To see if Target Listening is being offered near you, see Public



This is for those who want individual on-site instruction based on a customized learning plan.

For more information, see Coaching

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