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TARGET THINKING: Solving Problems
A Critical & Creative Thinking Program


Easier and faster access to information can help organizations remain competitive but only if their employees are able to use the information wisely.

Unfortunately, when adults are flooded with new information, and pressured by deadlines, information overload occurs. As a result, adults can become defensive and highly selective when choosing information. In other words, they tend to rely on information that supports only their personal point of view - in effect, they develop a "comfort zone" that significantly inhibits their ability to think critically and creatively in a work environment.


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■  Who should attend this training program?
■  What will our employees learn?
■  How is Target Thinking different?
■  Can this program be customized?
■  What is the cost?
■  How can Target Thinking be delivered to our employees?



Who should attend this training program?

Employees who would like to think more critically and creatively to generate new ideas and solve difficult problems under strict deadlines.


What will our employees learn

will learn how to:

  Recognize and overcome the barriers to critical thinking and creative thinking
  Identify and solve problems through inductive and deductive reasoning
  Develop & implement creative (and practical) solutions to complex problems
  Stimulate critical thinking in team members, colleagues, vendors, and clients
  Listen for and accurately assess key information during meetings, classes, and conversations
  Collect, analyze, and process new information using multiple perspectives
  Communicate their new ideas properly to ensure complete "buy-in"

Overall, participants will finish this program with the mental tools to see beyond the obvious, and the confidence to immediately confront difficult issues - even when under pressure.

Sample Outline


How is Target Thinking different

Most creative thinking programs provide in-class activities to help participants "loosen up" to free their minds and allow the creative juices to flow. However, these activities are always conducted in a controlled training environment - without threat of consequence. As a result, many participants quickly discover - when back in their normal (sometimes chaotic) work environment - it is not so easy to recreate those same free-flowing creative thoughts.

In our program, we will show your employees how to use their
preferred thinking style and their own unique personality to master the critical and creative thinking process. As a result, they will be able to call upon their own cognitive strengths to quickly develop new and innovative ideas in any type of work environment.  Equally important, they will learn how to generate highly effective ideas in group settings even when dealing with others whom have different personalities, priorities, and motivations.

Actually, this program goes one step further.  We will also show your employees how to effectively communicate and implement new ideas to others inside and outside of your organization.  After all, great ideas are only great if others understand their benefits and know how to correctly apply the ideas in the workplace. 

In this program, each participant will receive a comprehensive workbook containing all the thinking strategies with worksheets to help them efficiently apply the strategies in their job.  In addition, they will have unlimited online access to their instructor for six months following the training class to receive help with any of the thinking strategies.

For detailed information on how our programs differ from other training providers, go to Different.


Can this program be customized?

, Target Thinking can be taught "as is" or you can have us modify the content and length to satisfy your organization's specific training objectives.  We can also provide day, evening and weekend class sessions. 

There is not an extra cost for customization and off-hours scheduling.


What is the cost?

Group Rate: $2,500  (up to 30 participants)
Per Person Rate: $195  (minimum 7 participants)

These rates are all-inclusive - see Training Rates

Add 10% to the listed rates when the class takes place within a major city.


How can Target Thinking be delivered to our employees?

There are four different ways to receive the benefits of our Target Thinking program.


This  program includes a 1-day training class delivered when and where your employer chooses, and 6 months of online follow-up for each training participant. 

For more information, see
Training Request - or Contact Us.



This is a self-paced, interactive online program that includes a Strategies Workbook and online access to your own Target Learning instructor for 3 months.

For more information, see



This seminar is available to the general public and is offered nationwide at public locations (i.e. hotels, event facilities, etc.). 

To see if Target Thinking is being offered near you, see Public



This is for those who want individual on-site instruction based on a customized learning plan.

For more information, see Coaching


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